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  All Wheel Drive Report
2009 Ford Flex


Eureka! Just as I was slitting my wrists over Ford's FLASH website, I found a link to the html version of the site. Wherever possible I will use those links for you. Look at the very bottom of the Ford page and it will say either "Flash" or "HTML". Select the one you want, but give me the HTML anyday! Thanks Ford!
Ford's 7 passenger Flex crossover is being marketed as "provocatively different". So was the Edsel and Pontiac's Aztec. At least this car is simply a brick and not a quirky self-indulgent styling exercise. The grooves in the sides of the sheet metal are there, in my humble opinion, to provide stiffness to what is probably too thin sheet metal. I guess they figured that if Honda could get away with it on the Ridgeline, Ford could too. Reskin the sides, and fit it with a retractable roof like the 2004 Envoy XUV, and you'd have a very interesting "Avalanche fighter" utility vehicle.

Ford AWD Choices

NOTE: Ford adds Shipping/Destination charges to the MSRP to quote a real world price. I wish more firms would do so. Since they don't, to keep Ford from suffering a penalty by using an inflated price, I back out those charges so YOU can compare vehicle costs on an equal footing.
2009 Ford Fusion The Ford Fusion SE sedan is the entry level AWD version The same basic design as the Lincoln Zephyr and Mercury Milan, the chassis was originally used for the Mazda 6 sedan. Ford added about 2 inches of wheelbase for the Fusion. The AWD option automatically upgrades the engine from the I4 to the 3 liter Duratec motor, with a 6 speed automatic transmission and anti-lock brakes. Fusion's AWD system shuts off on the highway where traction isn’t usually a concern to improve efficiency. Look for an early release of the 2010 Fusion Hybrid by spring. Prices for the Fusion SE 3.0 AWD start much lower for 09 at $21,713
2009 Ford Taurus The 09 Ford Taurus SE has been added to the SEL and Limited models of 2008, but AWD is not an option at that level; you have to go to the SEL just as last year. The close ratio 6 speed automatic, paired with a 263 horsepower 3.5 liter V6 remains unchanged. No drivetrain options are available with AWD. Ford's Volvo ownership is rubbing off; the Taurus is getting increasingly safety oriented, and is billed as "America's safest full size car". Adjusted for shipping charges, prices for the 2009 AWD Taurus SEL start at a slightly lower $24,342
2009 Ford Edge The 2009 Ford Edge is doing well. The only notable change for 09 is the addition of a Sport version with 22 inch wheels and tires in addition to the SE, SEL and Limited versions. All are powered by the aluminum 3.5 Liter V6 w/6 speed automatic. But you can't get AWD on the SE for 09; you need to upgrade to SEL. Essentially unchanged since its late introduction. Prices for the AWD Edge SEL jump to $27,982
2009 Ford Taurus X

The Ford Taurus X used to be known as the Freestyle. It's built on the sedan's platform. It is powered by the same 4 valve, 260hp, 3.5-liter V-6 engine as the Edge and Taurus, and features one touch flip-and-fold 2nd row seats and a power liftgate. It will seat 6 with second row captains chairs, or 7 with a split bench, compared to the Edge's 5. The SEL is the entry version, w/Eddie Bauer and Limited upscale versions. More like a wagon than an SUV, Taurus X is soccer Mom turf. AWD SEL versions are priced from: $30,120

2009 Ford Flex - Giant among Crossovers Ford's Flex crossover has 3 trim levels, but the base level; the SE, is NOT available with AWD; just the SEL and Limited versions have that option. With the same drive train as both Tarus X and Edge, Flex boasts the longest wheelbase of the bunch with the biggest interior, but is also the heaviest. If you need to seat 7, though, your options are limited. This platform should work well for you. AWD Flex SEL prices start at $34,175
2009 Ford Escape Mini Ute Ford's 5 passenger Escape is also built on a unibody, and I can't believe I missed this vehicle for the past 2 years. Sorry. There are 3 trim levels - XLS, XLT, XLD plus the Escape Hybrid. All are available in AWD. In 2008, Ford updated the cosmetics but this year, Escape gets some needed mechanical upgrades. The base 4 banger grew to 2.5 liters, adding 20 hp in process, while the 3.0 liter V6 gains 40 ponies. To add to your driving pleasure, Ford upped the transmission to a new 6 speed design that actually improved fuel economy by 2 mpg. This is a much improved vehicle for 09. The 4 cylinder Escape XLS with 4WD can be in your driveway for just $21,121.
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